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Phil Coley: Baseball Songs Sports Heroes
Baseball Songs Sports Heroes
by Phil Coley

Songs from this CD are featured on HBO,Fox network TV,plus a major sports book,and many other radio and TV shows. One song on this CD Babe Ruth's Curse 1 is in the film the Curse of the Bambino shown on HBO. The National Baseball Hall of Fame has even added the entire CD to it's collection! Featuring major baseball team rivalries and sports heroes, the songs are great! It truly can be said to be about Baseball and beyond! Baseball spans the history of America but it's not a parallel history. Baseball is woven into the tapestry of American life and values. Here you may find songs about what we ...  Read more

Phil Coley: Sports Songs and Beyond
Sports Songs and Beyond
by Phil Coley

"Baseball Songs Sports Heroes was the single best collection of original baseball songs in our library. Great lyrics, great music, and a great collection. Joe & Phil might have hit the ball even further with this set of songs." - Baseball Almanac

The National Baseball Hall of Fame has just added the CD Sports Songs and Beyond to its sound collection!! It is the second CD album of the team of Joe Pickering Jr. Songwriter and Phil Coley music arranger, producer, musician and singer. The first was the CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes. Songs from this album played in an HBO Movie, the Fox ...  Read more

Phil Coley, Danny Mack, Ray Sanders: Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 2
Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 2
by Phil Coley, Danny Mack, Ray Sanders

Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 2 is the third CD Album of the team of Joe Pickering Jr. songwriter and Phil Coley music arranger, producer, musician, and singer. The first and second CD's Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 1 and Sports Songs and Beyond were accepted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Library.

Songs from these CD's, played in an HBO movie, the Fox Network, and many other TV and radio stations and several of the songs lyrics have been reprinted in major sports books by noted sports authors Harvey Frommer and Frederic Frommer.  Read more

Phil Coley and Danny Mack: Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 3
Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 3
by Phil Coley and Danny Mack

The CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 3 has a great variety of baseball or baseball related songs (14) and 4 bonus songs. It features songs about the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, New York Mets and Tampa Bay Rays. There are songs about the beloved Gil Hodges of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field, a New York Mets fan, Red Sox ...  Read more

Various Artists: Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 4
Baseball Songs Sports Heroes 4
by Various Artists

Do you love songs about life, love and romance? Do you love songs about people who have made a difference in the lives of others including Sports Heroes or Heroes beyond sports? How about songs about idealism and concern for one's country? Some songs will more than touch your heart. Some will make you smile, laugh, or even make you cry because all of them are about life. Read more

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Album Notes
Danny Mack: The Green Monster
The Green Monster
by Danny Mack

Fenway Park is perhaps America's most beloved Ball Park. The Green Monster its 240 foot wall has been standing at Fenway since 1912. It is by far Fenway's best known feature. Award winning Danny Mack with his voice,talent,and good humor bring theGreen Monster instantly alive. Through Danny the Green Monster tells his story to the world about his long life at Fenway Park. The Green Monster "modestly" takes much of the credit for the Boston Red Sox success and even some of the failure over the years. Whether you are 5 or 95 years old, whether you are a sports fan or not, you will enjoy Danny ...  Read more

Phil Coley: Did Pesky Hold the Ball?
Did Pesky Hold the Ball?
by Phil Coley

Johnny Pesky is widely known as Mr. Red Sox but he deserves the title Mr. Baseball because of his dedication to the game of baseball. Although one play way back in the 1946 World Series still gets retold today with the question Did Pesky hold the ball or not? The song: Did Pesky hold the ball answers a much larger question. The words are recited and sung with great feeling by Artist Phil Coley. Interviewing Johnny Pesky and his son David was more than a special delight. Both spoke of his 70 year career in pro ball and his many travels from player to numerous baseball positions. After all these years he remains ...  Read more

Phil Coley: The Horror King
The Horror King
by Phil Coley

Phil Coley has been the main artist on three of my CD's which have been accepted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection. These songs have played in an HBO film, and on national network radio,television or featured in major sports books and newspapers.

Attention Attention Baseball Fans! Sports Fans!Horror Fans! The Horror King is a humorous novelty song with lots of twists ...  Read more

Al Jackson: I
I'm a Couch Warrior
by Al Jackson

American Patriotism has many varied voices and differing views but only one flag which belongs to all of us. The I'm a Couch Warrior song is about America, Patriotism,America's war policy and America's role in the world. The Couch Warrior supports America's war policy and troops as he sees it. He protests the War Protestors who in turn protest the Wars and U.S. War policies. He questions the value of long ago President Ike Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the Nation and his warning to the American people about the military industrial complex. Later in the song,The Couch Warrior sings of waving ...  Read more

Danny Mack: Willie Mays Come Back and Play!
Willie Mays Come Back
and Play!
by Danny Mack

Fifty six years after moving West, the Giants took the World Series trophy to the city by the Bay for the first time! The last time the Giants won they were the New York Giants and they were playing in the Polo Grounds in New York. The incomparable Willie Mays was the team leader. Here is an unforgettable song about the Say Hey Kid! Willie Mays can never be forgotten.

Award winning Danny Mack produced, arranged this song. Danny has done it again by giving us a wonderful rendition of the meaning of Willy Mays to America. But, the song is not only about Willie but much more about life. The song WILL ... Read more

Danny Mack: Scattered and Near Forgotten
Scattered and Near Forgotten
by Danny Mack

Mr. Dean Jobb noted author, journalist, and teacher gave permission to use his photo of the Acadian Flag to use as artwork for my song Scattered and Near Forgotten. Mr. Jobb wrote the marvelous book The Acadians about their tragic deportation by the British more than 250 years ago. He is the author of numerous highly praised books. His website is at www.deanjobb.com.   Read more

Danny Mack: Brownie Pop Flies
Brownie Pop Flies
by Danny Mack

The Brownie Pop Flies song is dedicated to the Saint Louis Browns Fan Club. Although the St. Louis Browns left Saint Louis over 60 years ago, the Fan Club holds in their hearts their magnifcent memories of their beloved St. Louis Browns. Sadly, the Browns never won a World Series in all the decades that they played at Sportsman's Park. Never the less, their fans had many beyond magical moments.  Read more

Harry King: I
I'm a Yankee fan !
by Harry King

The song: I'm a Yankee Fan was written as a tribute to Yankee Fans! The New York Yankees are among the greatest sports teams in the world with by far the most championships in any sports. Yankee fans are among the most zealous fans in any sport anywhere.

Harry King who was the producer, arranger and singer in this song hails from Texas and Maine, Harry has three platinum ... Read more

Jim Davis: Those Old Forty Fives
Those Old Forty Fives
by Jim Davis

The song Those Old Forty Fives is wonderfully sung by Jim Davis. He and George La Flamme are the co-songwriters of this Traditional Country tune which has echos of Crossover Country and Country Pop. The instruments are varied and include Piano (Upright), Keyboard/Synthesizer, Drums, Saxophone, and Guitar (Electric) King of the Road Music is the music publisher of this song.  Read more

Phil Coley: First in Booze First in Shoes
First in Booze First in Shoes
by Phil Coley

The song First in Booze First in Shoes celebrates the long ago but still loved Saint Louis Browns. More than six decades have passed but the Saint Louis Fans Browns Club keeps alive their beloved Browns who were though hapless Fun team Number 1 in Major League History. Bill Rogers the President of the St. Louis Browns Fan Club gave permission to use his photo of Sportsman's Park for the artwork. Thank you Bill! Phil Coley brings the Browns to life through his voice. The melody is endearing and helps enshire the song in the hearts of baseball fans anywhere. Phil Coley is the artist and producer of ...  Read more

Roger William: That Seven Inning Stretch
That Seven Inning Stretch
by Roger William

The song: That Seventh Inning Stretch is a romantic song based upon a true an amazing Romantic Moment that happened during the seventh inning stretch at Fenway Park. This song is wonderfully sung by Roger William who is the singer and the producer of this song. Joe Pickering Jr. wrote the song and has all rights to it. King of the Road Music is the Music Publisher. Bass, Guitars, and Drums were the music instruments played in this song. The super photo of Fenway Park was taken by John W. Small Jr. who gave his permission to use this photo. Thank you John !   Read more

Roger William: Class Reunion
Class Reunion
by Roger William

Everyone has a Class Reunion. Everyone experiences the passing of Time. When we once again see old friends at a Class Reunion feelings are rekindled about what once was and somehow still remains inside all of us. Roger Wiliam brings back those moments of youthful magic with his marvelous rendition of Class Reunion. Enjoy the song. I hope Class Reunion will bring back many heartfelt memories. May you cherish every moment you spend with your old friends in your Class Reunion. The Artwork Photo taken by Ingrid Small is from the Oxford Hills 1965 Class Reunion in Maine. But, Class Reunions are ...  Read more

Danny Mack: The Paul Bunyan Polka
The Paul Bunyan Polka
by Danny Mack

The Paul Bunyan Polka is a fresh new adaptation of the County Music Association of America'a award winning "Ballad of Paul Bunyan" When Danny Mack sang the Ballad of Paul Bunyan, he won the Comedy Song of the year award. In addition it was proclaimed and remains the Official Paul Bunyan Song by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce in Bangor, Maine.  Read more

Roger Eydenberg: This Flag Is Mine This Flag Is Yours
This Flag Is Mine This Flag Is Yours
by Roger Eydenberg

America and the American Flag belongs to all of us; never hostage to any one cause. Roger Eydenberg also known as RogerWilliam (his middle name) sings this patrotic Rock/pop song in a Bruce Springsteen style. This Flag is Mine This Flag is yours is a rousing call for All Americans to unite, to be of many minda but one heart; never let fear destroy our liberty. This song with Roger's inspiring voice and the instrumentation of Acoustic guitars, drums, and bass will bring any crowd to its feet.  Read more

Roger Eydenberg: Baseball
Baseball's No Longer
Our National Game
by Roger Eydenberg

Baseball's no longer our National Game! Politics is! About 100,000,000 Americans who could vote don't. Have they disenfranchised themselves or has the political process disenfranchised them? Politics round the clock floods our lives especially during National Elections. Politics surpasses any other " sport. " Roger Eydenberg sings the song with drive and determination. Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Drums and Bass are weaved creatively throughout the song. Mrs Ingrid Small did the wonderful creative artwork for this song. Joe Pickering Jr wrote it! Enjoy! And, more importantly ponder its' message!  Read more

Roger Eydenberg: Baseball
Baseball's Yao Ming
by Roger Eydenberg

The music and voice of Roger Eydenberg rocks as he sings the song Baseball's Yao Ming. This song is about the quest to find the next Super Star who will open up China to Baseball ! With over a billion people in China who knows what depth of talent can be found for the Sport of Baseball? More importantly how many Chinese kids dreams will be fulfilled playing the Grand Old Game??  Read more

Michael Torre: Riding On the Wind (Love)
Riding On the Wind (Love)
by Michael Torre

The Artist Michael Torre sings Riding on the Wind with a soaring voice that plungs to the depths of loneliness. then surges again in search of love in the wonderful co-written song Riding on the Wind. The feelings of millions are represented in the search because trying to find love is like Riding on the Wind His most recent release is his CD Eclipse which is featured on CD   Read more

Harry King: Freedom Isn
Freedom Isn't Free!
by Harry King

The Song Freedom isn't Free in words and music tells the true meaning of patriotism and sacrifice of those who have died for our country and those who must live for our country. Just as the Founding Father created our living document the U.S. Constitution ...it will only live by the Grace of God an the willingness of We the People to preserve, protect, and defend our country through our Constitution. We need to ARM ourselves with our dedication to all our Constitution. If we walk away from our Government we are walking away from ourselves. We the people will destroy what our Forefathers created and so many   Read more

Roger William: That Seventh Inning Stretch
That Seventh Inning Stretch
by Roger William

The song: That Seventh Inning Stretch is a romantic song based upon a true an amazing Romantic Moment during the seventh inning stretch at FenwayPark which has lasted 50 years !! This song is wonderfully sung. Bass, Guitars, and Drums were the music instruments played in this song.   Read more

Danny Mack: The Ballad of Paul Bunyan
The Ballad of Paul Bunyan
by Danny Mack

The Ballad of Paul Bunyan won the Comedy Song of the Year award at the Country Music Association of America in Las Vegas which was wonderfully sung by award winning Danny Mack. The song has been featured on TV in Maine and also in Oregon. The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce proclaimed The Ballad of Paul Bunyan the Official Paul Bunyan. The publisher is King of the Road Music which has gotten more than 386,000 hits on its website in a single year.   Read more

Phil Coley: Who
Who's the Greatest Red Sox Fan?
by Phil Coley

Who is the greatest Red Sox fan? Pitch Every sports family in the world believes that their family member is the greatest sports fan particularly those who have passed on and who are remembered for the love of their respective team. This song is about my late Mom who I remember is being the Greatest Red Sox Fan.    Read more

Phil Coley: Fenway
by Phil Coley

Artist and Producer Phil Coley is a full time singer who has sung many of the songs on the King of the road Music label. He attended the world famous Berklee School of Music and has appeared on TV and has had his own bands. Phil has produced several hundreds of songs. His originality brings to the life the feeling of the song about Fenway Park.    Read more

Phil Coley: A Home Full of Memories
A Home Full of Memories
by Phil Coley

Listen to the song a Home Full of Memories. Everyone in this world has had heartache and most have resolved to move on in life. This man is sitting alone in the firelight reliving his memories of a loss love...on Saturday the movers are coming to take the furniture away but no mover can move any memories. Just listen to the song see if it more than touches your heart.    Read more

Alan Johnson: Softly Down
Softly Down
by Alan Johnson

Softly down is a Mid temp power ballad, embodying strong emotion with a reflective mood. Alan Johnson is a Nashville tenor vocalist with powerful vocals. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards gives this song an enduring and memorable sound.    Read more

Dusty Drake: The Fish N
The Fish N' Game Talkin' Blues
by Dusty Drake

An intimidating but amusing encounter witht the boys of Fish and Game. Humorous tongue -in-cheek droll country tune.    Read more

Alan Johnson: Busted Dreams
Busted Dreams
by Alan Johnson

Busted Dreams has a strong three part harmony: Acuoustic and electric guitars, base, drums, and an energetic, vibrant fiddle. The song's theme is NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS !!    Read more

Harry King: Awake !
by Harry King

AWAKE calls upon the American People to AWAKE from their slumber and protect our Civil Liberties. America is Civil Liberties lose them and We the People lose America !    Read more

Colene Walters: Softly Down
Softly Down
by Colene Walters

Inspired by the courage and grace under fire by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, this reverential interpretation by Colene Walters will make you feel like you too were aboard Flight 1549. "The Miracle On The Hudson." and the aftermath    Read more

The Golden Greek
by Phil Coley

Touchdown! Slam dunk! Grand slam! The Golden Greek song about Harry Agganis is a winner! The lyrics are of great purity. They capture the essence of Harry Agganis' life. That is what Nick Tisiotis wrote. about my song the Golden Greek. Nick and Andy Debilis are co-authors of the first wonderful book about Harry called Harry Agganis, "the Golden Greek": An All American Story. This book builds the foundation upon what is later written by others. It was an incredibly work ! Clearly, their book truly    Read more

Bring Babe Back to Bangor
by Danny Mack

The Saga of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox begins with the first song the The Ballad of Paul Bunyan ( another version was also created called The Paul Bunyan Polka.). In order to complete the Saga of Paul and the Blue Ox the third song BRING BABE BACK TO BANGOR. was created . Now, Paul Bunyan and Babe and the Blue Ox live side by side in Bangor, Maine    Read more

Under the New Zealand Moon
by Gail Russell

The song UNDER THE NEW ZEALAND MOON is beautifully sung by Gail Russell of New Zealand. There are many musical instruments used in its creation: Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Strings, Nylon Strings guitar, Resonator (Dobro) Guitat Accordion    Read more

America Will Die After This Election !
by Roger Eydenberg

Fellow Americans who will save America? This bold title in the first line states that America will die after this election!! Unless we all as we the people honor our constitution by acting within it!    Read more

Like an April Snowflake
by Roger Eydenberg

LIKE AN APRIL SNOWFLAKE IS A LOVE SONG TO MY WIFE THERESA OF 51 YEARS ! How many love songs have song lyrics which soar about love and loving forever ? Just about all of them. This song below tells it like it really is ! Hope you find it refreshingly honest. and committed to loving the only way people can love....in the moment.    Read more

Softly Down
by Buddy Jewell

The song,"Softly Down" was inspired by the famous plane event known as "The Miracle On The Hudson" and is an honoring of the heroism of Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, who landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, January 15, 2009, saving all 155 lives on board. The Hollywood movie “Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks, was released September 9, 2016. This latest version of the song, an honest and feeling rendition, is sung by USA Network “Nashville Star’s” first winner and gold record artist, Buddy Jewell.    Read more

The Statue of Liberty Cries!
by Roger Eydenberg

The Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest symbols of America and it is crying today for America and in particular for the State of New York.(also any closed primary state!) Roger Eydenberg is an inspiring professional singer with a feeling from the heart voice. Roger a great produder also produced this song, It was written by Joe Pickering Jr. who has had songs played on HBO, national TV and Radio as well as international. Joe has over 100 songs on CD Baby and its affiliates He owns the King of the Road Music affiliated BMI and Paul Bunyan Music affiliated with ASCAP.. Joe is also has songs of outstanding d song writer ...    Read more

More American Than Plymouth Rock
by Harry King

More American than Plymouth Rock, is a song about the symbol of America: the Statue of Liberty which is crying for America and in particular for the State of New York (also any closed primary state !) Written by Joe Pickering Jr. who has had songs played on HBO, national TV and Radio as well as international. Joe has over 100 songs on CD Baby and its affiliates He own ...    Read more

Make America Great Again !
by Harry King

Make America Great Again is a song which I hope inspires All Americans to Make America Great Again. Harry King who has 3 Platinum and 2 Gold Records to his credits sings this song with inspiration and reverence.. Joe Pickering is the songwriter is a songwriter who has written over 100 songs some about America has had songs played on HBO, national TV and radio . The song lyrics are below. We hope that all reading and LISTENING TO BE INSPIRED JOIN IN TO TO TRULY MAKE AMERICA A GREAT AGAIN !!! (By the way, the photo is in the public domain. Thank you WPClipart for this photo !!    Read more

As Long as You Believe in Me
by Harry King

In the wake of outside doubt and criticism, a song about the power of, belief, caring, friendship and love.
Peter Prince wrote this brilliant song both words and music. Peter sings but even more has had his songs on Mash and many other places. He does not write songs that touch the heart. As long as you believe in me PIERCES THE HEART WITH WARMTH!    Read more

Allahu Akbar
by Harry King

Allahu Akbar song a inspirational and spiritual message to the world, written by Joe Pickering Jr. whose songs play internationally and fervently sung by Harry King multiple Platinum and Gold Record winner !
The Chorus and two verses of the song are available below for review. Happy inspirational reading ! Read more

We Pledge Our Love!
by Donna King & Harry King

A WEDDING SONG FOR EVERY WEDDING ! A song FOR THOSE DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH ONE ANOTHER beautifully SUNG by Donna King and Harry King two wonderful creative artists and wonderful married couple ! Written by Joe Pickering Jr.May you all find meaning in this song that CELEBRATES THE BEGINNING OF LOVE WHICH HOPEFULLY LASTS A LIFETIME ! Read more

As Long as You Believe in Me
by Harry King

Harry King, originally from Brewer, Maine, now residing in Texas, is an acclaimed platinum and gold record winning musician, producer and arranger, having worked with the likes of Joe Perry, Robin Thicke, Engelbert Humperdinck and other A-list artists. Harry is also a wonderful performer in his own right, and in taking on "As Long As you Believe In Me", a song written by King Of The Road Music songwriter Peter Prince, clearly shows how he can transform what was once a song with a traditional country sensibility into something new and fresh. I think you will be amazed at the production and musicianship in this song that strongly expresses an important universal sentiment... Read more

First Responders
by Harry King

I am thankful for the creative genius of Harry King who is the artist and producer of FIRST RESPONDERS.. Harry's background is immense with 4 platinum and 2 gold records. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING TO MY FIRST DEFENDERS SONG. As for me, I an't so bad myself. My songs have been in HBO with five CD's in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sall of Fame Sound Collection. Featured as well as mentioned in Major books. One Song was played at the National Conference of Independent Voting National Conference in a music collage with with other famous songs about America sung by zartists such as Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, Jose Feliciano etc. Read more

She's the Answer to My Prayers
by T.J. Murr

"SHE'S THE ANSWER To MY PRAYER" recording artist is T. J. Murr song written by George La Flame. The song is an up beat bluegrass style song. Background music-- Bangor fiddle guitar and electric bass guitar and drums. George La Flame has written a song that ANSWERS THE PRAYERS OF EVERY MAN WHO WANTS TO SAY WHAT HE MEANS TO HIS SPECIAL LADY BUT CAN'T FIND THE WORDS. T. J. MURR SINGS THIS SONG LIKE HE MEANS IT !!! King of the Road Music is the proud Music publisher for this wonderful and touching song ! Read more

First Defenders
by Harry King


America's Game !!
by Harry King

America's Game is not about any sport but about life and death in our country. It is written by Joe Pickering Jr. whose songs play internationally, in an HBD Documentary, with ffive CD's in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection, plus having lyrics printed in renown Harvey Frommer's Sports books plus major newspapers . The song America's game is fervently and powerfully sung by Harry King a multiple Platinum and Gold Record winner ! Hope you will find this song inspirational and motivating. The American People need to end this game and bring about a Greater America. Read more

Be a Man !!
by Roger Eydenberg

BE A MAN !! Be gentle with every woman is a song about how Men should treat women. Violence against women is the world's disgrace. this man made nightmare men must face ! A factor in domestic violence is how the World Shouts at little boys don't you cry ! This song BE A MAN teaches that Real Men can cry because feelings held in will only lead to anger and despair. The song is beautifully and with great heart sung by Roger Eydenberg. Harry King does the Backup vocals and music which is hauntingly beautiful. Joe Pickering Jr. and Christopher co-wrote this song. King of the Road Music is the publisher. C 2018 Read more

America Will Be Great Again !!!
by Harry King

A Song telling the truth ! America will be great Again but only when We the People AWAKE !!! Brilliantly sung with deep emotion by Harry King who has 4 platinum records and two Gold records to his credit. Songwriter Joe Pickering attempts to AWAKEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM this POLITICAL NIGHTMARE. Read more

Ranked Choice Voting
by Harry King

America will be greater once the American people FIGHT FOR and WIN a much more open election process from the primaries through the Presidential Elections. Maine whose motto is I LEAD has won the SECOND BATTLE of LEXINGTON AND CONCORD.for AMERICA. Now, it is America's turn to FIGHT ON an make our Election System OPEN TO ALL by ending party control over ballot access. Tax payer funds should NOT be used by parties private corporations to exclude ANY VOTER. The song RANKED CHOICE VOTING was commissioned by MAINERS FOR OPEN ELECTIONS ( the Maine affiliate of Independent Voting. ) Read more

Truth Tear Down This Wall !
by Harry King

TRUTH TEAR DOWN THIS WALL is about the BIGGEST, BADDEST WALL OF ALL ! THE WALL THAT TRULY DIVIDES US ALL . Joe Pickering Jr. is the songwriter of this song. Joe has about 130 songs on CD Baby and their scores of the major digital download companies. Over 90 % of the songs are written by him and some are co-written which includes the great songwriters Joe Terry, George La Flame, and Michael Torre. Joe is also a Music Publisher with ASCAP (Paul Bunyan Music) Read more

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Phil Coley: Santa You
Santa You're Just and Old Texas Cowboy
by Phil Coley

The Truth! This song tells it! Santa is a Texas Cowboy! Listen to find out why Santa is truly a Texas Cowboy !! Former President George H.W. Bush wrote me a letter thanking me for the CD I sent him and writing in part, "We thoroughly enjoyed your Cowboy Santa songs and appreciate you sharing them with us." Now, everyone in the world should be delighted to know the truth about Santa! He is NOT from the North Pole but from TEXAS...the world needs to know the truth !  Read more

Phil Coley: Sam the Sleigh
Sam the Sleigh
by Phil Coley

The musical tale of Sam the Sleigh tells that It really wasn't foggy that fateful Christmas Eve! Because Santa's Reindeer fear Santa will trade in his faithful Sleigh, they decide to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about what really happened on foggy Christmas Eve when mean Jack Frost had something up his sleeve. Phil Coley sings this merry and dramatic song with with and merry passion. Phil is also the producer. Joe Pickering Jr. is the songwriter and King of the Road Music is the music publishing company.  Read more

Phil Coley: Put Jesus Back in Christmas
Put Jesus Back in Christmas
by Phil Coley

We often live frantic lives particularly during Christmas time where a commercial Santa Claus dominates the scene. Phil Coley sings wonderfully about the true meaning of Christmas. Time to reflect on the True Meaning of Christmas. Time to: Put Jesus Back in Christmas. Phil Coley is the singer and producer of this song. Joe Pickering Jr. is the songwriter and owns all rights to the song. Ingrid Small did the super Artwork for the song Put Jesus Back in Christmas. King of the Road Music is the music publisher.  Read more

Phil Coley: Wall Street Christmas
Wall Street Christmas
by Phil Coley

Phil Coley has been the main artist on three of my CD's which have been accepted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection. These songs have played in an HBO film, and on national network radio,television or featured in major sports books and newspapers. The song Wall Street Christmas is a major departure from sports. The focus is on what's happening right here and now in ...  Read more

Phil Coley: President Obama Merry Christmas to You
President Obama
Merry Christmas to You
by Phil Coley

Phil Coley has been the main artist on three of my CD's which have been accepted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection. These songs have played in an HBO film, and on national network radio,television or featured in major sports books and newspapers. But, this song President Obama Merry Christmas to you is well beyond sports. It gets to the heart of troubling times and the need for healing and living out what is the essence of the U.S.Constitution. Too many brave men and women have died or been maimed over too many years in too many wars because wisdom has been rare in ...  Read more

Bob Stamper: Santa
Santa's Red Long Johns
by Bob Stamper

Bob Stamper magically makes Santa's Red Long Johns come alive and sings for anyone to please write a song about him. Christmas snow, the reindeer,the elves and of course Santa himself have been praised in song. Santa's Red Long Johns who keeps Santa's bottom warm and cozy gets no such praise or even recognition. Even after Christmas, Everyone in Santa's village after Christmas gets much praise from Santa for a job well done. Alas Santa's Red Long Johns only ends up in the washing machine for days without one bit of praise. All of you out there give your support to Santa's Red Long Johns!  Read more

Jane Baxter: Santa Claus Be Good To Yourself !!
Santa Claus Be Good To Yourself !!
by Jane Baxter

Unlike any other song about Santa Claus. This little girl sitting on Santa's lap down at the Mall sings her concerns to Santa about Santa's health! She worries. His big belly is too big and round. He notices his pipe laying on a table next to him. Even his face and nose are flushed the color of Rudoph Red. What does she say to him? Well she doesn't want that dolly afterall. The little girl is more focused on helping Santa get back to good health. Jane Baxter gives a delightful singing rendition of that concerned child. The song has been expertly produced and arranged by Phil Coley who has been trained at the Berklee School of Music and has many successful years in music.  Read more

Phil Coley: All I want for Christmas is the Yankees to lose!
All I want for Christmas is the
Yankees to lose!
by Phil Coley

Mulitple Millions of baseball fans yearn for the day that their team whether the long losing Cubs, Rangers, Mariners, Rockies, Padres, Twins, Astros, Cleveland, and Nationals win the Big One! One reason they don't is because those darn New York Yankees win far too many. They are just too "greedy." On behalf of all those fans of all those teams, this song asks Santa to chose another team among the above and make those darn New York Yankees lose !  Read more

Who's Closest to Santa's Big Heart and Hide ?
by Dorell Ward

his song will keep your family entertained forever ! DORELL WARD the artist is beyond amazing ! He is a multi-talented singer a marvelous composer, producer and keyboardist ! Dorrell did a wonderful creative effort on Who's Closest to Santa's Big Heart and Hide ? Harry King also did a masterful creative effort on the music of this Christmas song called WHO'S THE CLOSEST TO SANTA'S BIG HEART AND HIDE ?. Harry has several Platinum Records and Gold Records to his credit.   Read more