Ballad of Paul Bunyan

Soon to be on Television!


The Ballad of Paul Bunyan will play on Maine Public Broadcasting Television during the program called: The Maine Experience. during the Fall of 2006.This will be the first time this song has been heard by a television audience. Hope you all can tune to watch the program and listen to the humorous Ballad of Paul Bunyan!
Paul Bunyan is a legend that still lives in Americana. There are many intriguing questions that are solved by listening to the Ballad of Paul Bunyan. Did you know where Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox were born? How and where did he live when he was young and what did he do? Why did he need to leave the place of his birth to go out West? These and many other questions are answered in The Ballad of Paul Bunyan. This song is the official Paul Bunyan song of the Bangor, Maine Regional Chamber of Commerce. Joe Pickering's songs have played all over the world. The Ballad of Paul Bunyan, co-written with Joe Terry and sung by Danny Mack, won the Country Music Association of America's Comedy Song of the Year Award in 1997 in Las Vegas, and was recommended for Grammy Award nomination.


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